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Melanie Scholtz


Melanie Scholtz is a South African born, multi award winning jazz singer and composer. She started playing the piano from the age of 5 and went on to study Opera at The University of Cape Town Opera School where she graduated Cum Laude with a Performer’s Diploma in Opera 2000. Melanie went on to teach at the University of Cape Town from 2004-2005.

Melanie has released five successful solo albums and has won many awards

In 2010, Melanie was named the Standard Bank Young Artist for Jazz and In 2012, won all three prizes at the prestigious Jazz Revelations competition as part of the Jazz a Juan Festival in Nice, France.

She has performed all over the world including her native country, South Africa, Czech Republic, Slovakia , Germany , France, Italy, Norway, Sweden and the United States.

Currently residing in New York City, Melanie hopes to further her career as a solo artist and songwriter. Besides performing with a jazz trio, whether it be jazz or her own music, Melanie has a solo project called The Lone Looper, using a looping machine, which enables her to create compositions using only the voice.