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Connected is my second solo album

It was my first endeavour as song writer and lyricist. This album for the first time featured my band, The Love Apples. This is an ever changing collective of musicians that come together and play my latest collection of compositions.

The Love Apples

for this collection of music was Andrew Lilley on piano, Charles Lazar on double bass, Jonno Sweetman on drums, Norwegian musicians, Gorm Helfjord on guitar and Ole Jorn Myklebust on trumpet. Special guest , also from Norway, Jo Fougner on Double bass on a fusion of Scandinavia and Africa on the track “Intliziyo yam “, a Scandinavian Christmas song set to Xhosa lyrics.
Expect to meditate to “Invincible” and be inspired by “ Bumblebee”. Connected was released in Feb 2010 and was produced by Ole Jorn Myklebust.


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